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Shropshire Hills Nordic Walking is based at the heart of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty that gives the group its name.  We aim to introduce as wide a variety of people as we can to the host of wellbeing benefits of Nordic Walking, while also enjoying our fantastic location.

Try a ‘Taster’ session and see for yourself.  Following on from the ‘Taster’, or if you want to just press ahead, complete the ‘Learn to Nordic Walk’ programme and you can then access regular ‘Adventure’ and ‘Workout’ walks, for a range of abilities, all outdoors and enjoying the Shropshire Hills.  Simply pay as you go or sign up for a session card, giving you access to a range of walks at a discount.

Can’t make the dates and/or times listed for the activity in which you are interested? Please get in touch – I may still be able to accommodate your needs.

Beverley Turner

A glance at my bookshelves would reveal not only a love of books, but a strong interest in healthy and sustainable living. The missing link for me had always been finding an enjoyable form of exercise that I felt comfortable doing, could easily fit into my busy life and really excited and motivated me to keep doing it.

Nordic Walking has provided that missing link! It makes me smile, makes me feel good, mentally and physically, allows me to enjoy the fresh air in the beautiful area in which I live, and leaves me feeling energised. It is also a form of exercise that produces results in a time-efficient manner, which is critical for me as a time-poor mother of three boys. It gives those results with, seemingly, minimal effort, thanks to the poles. What’s not to like!

I am passionate about sharing Nordic Walking with anyone and everyone – but am particularly keen to introduce those who, like me, haven’t warmed to other forms of exercise, such as running or going to the gym. I have a professional background linked to education and the arts and enjoy mixing with a wide variety of people of all ages.


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